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About Elitech

With the advent of new technologies, businesses and organizations concerned about the security of their properties and facilities are looking for suppliers that can offer them a leading-edge solution which meets both their needs and budgets.

Elitech extensive experience in electronic security (computerized alarm management, access control card and video supervision) gives us the expertise to develop innovative solutions for the complete integration of the various components of a security system aimed at improving its performance.

We distribute, design and install a wide range of high quality products. Our solutions are targeted at commercial and institutional clients (manufacturing industries, property managers, government agencies, etc.). We can also assess your specific needs and design plans and specifications required to complete your project.

Our partnership with several major manufacturers and service providers allows us to continually be on the lookout for new technologies so that we can always provide our clients the best product for the application at hand.


Our strength:

The quality of our products and technical expertise.

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