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Access Control

For some managers, it seems at times that this issue is being blown totally out of proportion. In order to restraint the number of keys in circulation, you must sometimes reluctantly leave doors unlocked!

People circulating with the help of ordinary keys, or even controlled keys, leave no trace of their passage. True, your intrusion alarm system can perhaps allow for some level of management of the comings and goings of your staff, but again it is difficult to give free access to everybody.

Access control card readers are often seen as a solution to these problems. This solution enables you to know at all time, if deemed relevant, who has access to your premises and business places and at what precise hour of the day or night. You are thus at liberty to grant a much broader access.

A magnetic cards access control system, when set up properly, will yield significant on-going cost savings in the medium term, but above all it will greatly enhance the security of your premises.

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